Some people have found that after they have made the difficult decision to continue their education they have been deterred due to a complicated Admissions process. At Westcliff University’s College of Business and College of Education, we work with every candidate throughout the Admissions process to ensure that you maintain your motivation to journey into the next chapter of your life.

Get Started…


Step 1        Obtain Information

– The first step in this process is to reach out to our Westcliff University Admissions Department. At this time you will have the opportunity to ask our helpful and caring staff any questions that will help ease the decision making process and help you on your way to a higher level of learning. You can also schedule a tour of the University, should you choose to do so.

– To reach our Admissions Department for any assistance, please call 1-888-491-8686 or email us at admissions@westcliff.edu


Step 2         Submit Application for Admission into School

– For those students that are motivated to get started right away, Westcliff University recommends that you submit your application for admission: http://www.westcliff.edu/apply/.  Once your application has been received, one of our Admissions personnel will review it and contact you regarding your status.


Step 3         Submit Enrollment Agreement for Acceptance into Program

– After your application has been accepted, the next step to become a Westcliff University student is to complete and submit an enrollment agreement: Click HERE


Step 4         Submit Registration Agreement for Classes

After your enrollment agreement and all admissions paperwork has been completed, students are eligible to register for upcoming classes.